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What Golf Accessories Do I Need As A New Golfer - Top 7 Golf Accessories To Buy

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

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Ok so you have just picked up your first set of Golf Clubs, believe me when I say you will always remember your first set... You may love them you may even hate them but they will always be your first set....

So what now... believe it or not just having a set of Golf Clubs isn't enough... There are a number of other essential items that you will need and some other items that are going to be useful to have.. In this post i will break down what it is you are going to need and a bit of reasoning as to why... It is easy to get carried away on buying Golf Accessories and hopefully this post will help you make some more informed decisions..

1) Golf Tees - You can't hit your new shiny driver without one of these little things.. Personally I am a bit of a traditionalist and prefer a white wooden tee.. These are really cheap.. Yes they tend to break more than some of the plastic ones on the market but they cost so little it really isn't an issue. There are various other types of Tee on the market.. Some claim to help you hit the ball longer others say you will hit the ball straighter... But look at any professional golfer on the Tee and you will see that little white wooden tee peg underneath their ball.. By all means try the alternatives... But just make sure you have a plentiful supply of these in the bag to fall back on ...

2) Golf Glove - There are so many different types of golf glove on the market this is really down to you to find one that suits.. Personally i prefer the ones made by Footjoy. I find them to be hard wearing and provide just the right amount of grip on a normal dry day.. So experiment find which one is good for you.. Just remember to take it off between shots in the summer to cut down the dreaded golfers tan where one hand is whiter than the other.

On the other end of the scale as far as Golf Gloves go it is also important to have a set of wet weather gloves in the bag. These usually come as a pair and offer substantially more grip than its dry weather counterpart.. If you are caught in a downpour without some wet weather gloves your main challenge will be making the ball travel further than the club that has just flown out of your hand nearly killing your playing partner in the process..

3) Pitch Mark Repairer - Don't be that guy.. If you even think about stepping on to the first tee box without one of these in your pocket then may the golf gods destroy your round...

These little things cost next to nothing and are essential for keeping the greens you play on in good condition. A good rule of thumb when entering a green is to use your Pitch Mark Repairer to repair your pitch mark and one other that you can see on the green.. Nothing worse than having to putt over someone else's un repaired pitch mark..

4) Good Quality Golf Umbrella - This is one area not to go skimp out on.. I always recommend buying the best purpose made Golf Umbrella that you can afford... No the one out of your Nan's umbrella stand won't do..... You do not want to get caught without one of these.. Especially if you are playing in the UK.. There is nothing worse than getting drenched on the 2nd hole and having to walk the next 16 with wet clothes. Also you dont want an umbrella that is going to turn inside out at the slightest gust of wind. Most of the big golf brands will have a good quality umbrella to keep you dry.. So grab one..

5) Dark Coloured Golf Towel - You have to clean your balls!!! Your clubs too on a muddy day.. It's best to do this on a dark coloured towel as this will hide the muddy stains and will not be required to be washed after every round. If you are playing in adverse weather conditions it is advisable to make sure you have more than one of these towels available.. I like to use one for the balls and club heads and i keep another tucked away in a waterproof pocket in the bag and bring it out to dry off the grips before each soggy shot...

6) Distance measuring device - One of the Best Golf Accessories to have is some kind of distance measuring device. You can never underestimate how important it is to know how far away from any given hole you are or more importantly how far to i have to hit the ball to clear that big lake someone inconveniently left there. There are 2 main options here... You have a laser style view finder. This is where you put the device up to your eye... Point it at the target that you wish to know the distance off and it gives you a measurement to that point in the view finder.. I find these a bit fiddly and i dont know if its just me but struggle to hold it still long enough to acquire a target... Especially after walking to my 300 yard (200 really but shhhh) drive..

My preferred option is to use a GPS device that picks up where you are on the course and sends you back a number of how far it is to the flag.. Some also have distances to hazards included too like my preferred option the Garmin s40 Approach which i recently reviewed. (Here is the link - https://bit.ly/2Vdq9yY ) So wether you choose to go with a laser distance finder or a GPS device like the Garmin I think it really is one of the most useful Golf Accessories to have.

7) Golf Pencil - Or any pencil really just something to mark your card with.. If I had a Pound/Dollar for every time i have heard at the beginning of a competition round " uhh has anyone got a pencil i can borrow " then i would be a wealthy fella... I know i have said it before in this post but dont be that guy.. Most pro shops will sell you a pencil for next to no money so stock up on a few and then you can moan at the "can I borrow a pencil" guy...

Granted there are a lot more Golf Accessories out there that will be useful to you over time.. But if you grab these 7 items before your first round then you are going to be well on your way to having the majority of things you will need to start your golfing journey.

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