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The Top 5 Best Presents For Golfers Or Maybe Treat Yourself.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Golfers rarely ever need an actual excuse to get a present, and besides there are so many great times that are all throughout the year that being armed with the best information on the top gifts for golfers is an essential need. You have to shop for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day and several other holidays, so knowing what a golfer really wants to receive is an essential first step towards selecting the perfect present.

1) A New Golf Bag

What golfer doesn't need a golf bag and believe me there are so many to choose from and quite a useful gift to buy as there is a golf bag to fit all budgets. It is important to try and find out from them if you dont already know if they carry their golf bag or they tend to attach it to a golf trolly because these are 2 very different types of bags. A carry bag for instance would be difficult to attach to a trolly but then you wouldn't to carry a trolly bag around the course as they are generally heavier and they will not stand up on the rough ground. Bags also come in waterproof and non waterproof material.. So if you live in a wet country like me then the waterproof bags are just what the doctor ordered.

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2) Anything Customised

Now there isn't much that is golf related that you cant get customised and these items make great gifts for golfers. Customised clothing items are obviously very popular as they are in other walks of life but with golf you can get customised golf balls, Customised tees and tee bags all the way down to the customised pitch mark repair tools. It really is a nice way for a golfer to maintain some individuality out on the course and a nice easy present for you to be able to get them for a special occasion or maybe just because...

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3) Boot/Trunk Organiser

One present that tends to be highly popular for golfers as well is a trunk organiser that is designed to hold all of their essential golf items, except the bag of course. With places for your shoes, gloves, tees and everything else, that you would need for a game of golf this is the ultimate accessory that will fit neatly into the trunk keeping your favourite golfer organised. As you can imagine this is one of those gifts that the neat person in your life would thoroughly enjoy. If you look around, you can find these organisers in various shapes, colours and even sizes so that you can find the organiser that works best for your needs.

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4) Golf Range Finder

If you aren't in to golf you may not even know what a range finder is for.. Well actually it does what it says on the tin.. You point it at an object on the course.. Usually a Flag or a hazard and the Range finder will tell you how far away that item is. This is essential information to know on a golf course. If the golfer in your life doesn't have one of these then getting them one as a gift will make them very happy and is very likely to improve their golf. Which golfer does't want that.

Now these are probably the most expensive items on the list but im sure you love them enough..... Right? ?

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5) Novelty Golf T Shirts, Hoodies, Face Masks etc.. (You may even find something four yourself!!

Looking for a small gift for the golfer in your life.. just because.. A Novelty or Funny Golf T Shirt can be a great idea.

It shows that you know what is important to them and that you are thinking about them.. Not to mention who doesn't need a Novelty Funny Golf T Shirt..

There are a number of designs colours and other items available at my store including T-Shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts, Face Masks (everyone needs one of these right now), Mobile phone cases, bath towels and much much more.. There really is something for everyone... Even you.. Have a search around i'm sure you will find a golf widow design.....

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Hopefully next time that special occasion comes around you will remember this list and you will be well placed to buy the perfect gift for that special golfer in your life!!

Remember we search for the Best Golf Accessories so that you dont have too..

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