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Sketchers Go Golf Elite 3 Men’s Golf Shoe Review

Get yours now on Amazon UK - https://amzn.to/2BJSRk8

Get yours now on Amazon US - https://amzn.to/3dzZzpN

When it comes to the Best Golf Accessories where better to start than a decent, comfortable pair of golf shoes. There is nothing worse than walking off after 18 long holes with aching feet that are full of blisters.. Lovely thought right.. but I’m sure we have all been there!

I am going to start off by saying that these are some of the most comfortable golf shoes I have tried and that is a lot of golf shoes. True to sketchers form the insoles of these shoes are so soft. It’s like they mould to your feet..

They are very highly rated on amazon too with well over 200 reviews and a strong 4.5 star rating. It would seem the people of amazon would tend to agree with me.

This particular golf shoe is a spike less shoe. this means it doesn‘t have the traditional cleats on the bottom and really is only suitable for those who live in a dry climate or during the summer months for those of you like me who live in the UK. That being said these shoes are still have plenty of grip on the floor and I have not lost my footing on any shots that i have played which i do seem to when wearing some other spikeless shoes.

One thing i would say about the shoes is that I don’t have particularly wide feet, or at least i don’t think i do and they do come up a bit tight on me. That being said they are true to size and fit as i would have expected length wise.

So what if you were to get caught in a shower on the course.. Are you going to come off with wet feet? Well I am happy to report not.. I have worn these a couple of times when caught in a UK downpour and whilst the rest of me was soaking wet my feet actually stayed dry Which is a massive bonus for these shoes. Again despite not having traditional cleats they were still grippy even in the rain..

I think wearing these shoes for the past couple of months has converted me.. I will definitely look at some Sketchers winter shoes too when the time comes to replace my beaten up last pair when the winter months arrive.

IMPORTANT NOTE - These shoes will not improve your game... But you will be a lot more comfortable playing badly ;-)

Remember we find the Best Golf Accessories so that you don’t have too..

Buy your pair on Amazon UK - https://amzn.to/2BJSRk8

Buy your pair on Amazon US - https://amzn.to/3dzZzpN

Edit– Sketchers have released an updated version of this shoe.. It is still a bit on the pricey side but well worth a look - This will probably be next summers golf shoe - View it here on Amazon - Sketcher Go Golf Elite 4

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