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PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer Review - Said To Perfect Your Golf Putting - Is That True?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

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Can one of the simplest looking Golf Accessories that is lets be honest little more that a piece of curved plastic really improve your putting.... I am going to say right off the bat that yes... I believe it can now let me tell you why...

First off lets start by saying the putter is without doubt the most used club in your bag.. Its is the only club that baring a miracle chip in from off the green or that odd stray ball that disappears never to be found again that you use on very hole.. But even with that being said the variety of different shots that you have to hit with a putter is also massive and so many variables come in to play... This is where the first point i am going to make about this little gadget comes in.. You can take this anywhere.. You can take your putting practice anywhere

nothing to do on your lunch break at work find some short grass and hit some puts..

The feedback you get from this Golf Accessory is brilliant.. The way that the plastic is shaped ensures that if you hit a bad put the PuttOUT will reject the ball and send it flying off to the left or right.. It is designed to simulate the exact conditions of putting in to a real hole.

If you hit a successful putt then the ball is returned to you the exact distance that the ball would have travelled past the hole if you had missed.. This is a fantastic way of working on your pace control.. No more leaving your putts short or over hitting them on a Saturday Morning.. You can simply move the PuttOUT around to different surfaces to mimic the different types of greens you could play on.. The system is designed to return any good putts back to you and reject bad putts. I dont think there is a better way out there to work on your putting consistency. Just by building repetition in to your practice you are bound to see improvements.

There is a small flat on the unit that you can have either opened or closed. they call it the perfect putt flap.. If you have it closed then your put will return back towards you like i mentioned in the previous part of this review.. But with the perfect putt flap open if you do in fact hit the "Perfect Putt" then the ball will sit in the hole and not return.. Its a great game to play with friends in fact.. Who can make the most perfect putts in 10 balls. Not going to say it gets competitive but a friend of mine recently lost a putter and me a fence post.......

For such a simple device this is brilliant.. Has helped me so much with my putting accuracy and control which in turn has without doubt led me to hole more putts on the course.. Or at least leave them closer... For the price i dont think you can fo wrong.. Did I mention that it folds flat for storage too..

I cant recommend the PuttOut enough as one of the best Golf Accessories out there and with just over 1100 reviews on amazon and a lofty 4.5 star rating it seems i am not alone in my thoughts on the PuttOut. It seems that most people say it is most effective with the PuttOUT Matt that can be purchased separately but i have been using this on a vinyl floor and a short pile carpet and it still works just fine.. Obviously the Matt will simulate a green more realistically but i do not think totally necessary

The summary for this one is very simple.. Ask yourself "Do I want to improve my putting" if the answer is yes.. Click HERE and buy one of these today.. I can honestly say this is the one of the best Golf Accessories if not the best i have purchased in a very long while.

If the answer is no... Then i ask you... Why are you playing golf ;-)

Thank you for taking the time to read the post.. Remember we search for the Best Golf Accessories so you dont have too..

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