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How To Clean Your Golf Clubs & Why It Is Important

Your golf clubs are expensive right... In fact they are probably one of the most expensive Golf Accessories that you own. So it is important to keep them clean in order to make them last longer and keep them looking nice. Believe it or not a dirty golf club can actually affect your round and will stop the club performing as it was designed by the manufacturer.

I am going to break this down in to two categories; Cleaning your irons and cleaning your Woods as the process is slightly different for the two types of clubs but both equally important. I will also try to link the products I use along the way to help you out.

Cleaning Your Irons

The most important reason there is to keep your Irons clean is to make sure that the grooves on the face of the iron are free from any mud or sand (I know we have all been bunker digging). This debris left in the grooves can actually reduce the amount of spin you generate on the ball or even cause the ball to fly of the club faster..

So here is the list of things you will need for the job..

1) Fill a bucket of warm water until it is deep enough to just cover the head of the iron and add a cleaning detergent - Most people just use Dish Soap but i personally prefer to use a car shampoo as I find it cleans better.

2) Place the heads of the clubs in to the warm water and detergent solution and leave them there for approx 10 minutes to loosen any dried on mud or grass.

3) Take the clubs out of the water one at a time and using a scrubbing brush or as i prefer a Golf Club Brush agitate any remaining debris on the head of the club to remove. I prefer to use the golf club brush as the tend to have one side of soft bristles which you will use for 90% of the cleaning and they also have a side of harder bristles that can be really useful for clubs that haven't seen any water for a while.

4) Using a damp Microfibre towel give the shaft of the club a wipe over too to remove any small bits of mud, grass or sand that my be embedded in the paint. Doing this will prevent any rust.

5) After swilling out the microfibre towel it is important to give the grips a wipe over. Try not to get them too wet but it is important to give them a good scrub.. Over time sweat from your hands along with dead skin cells and just general dirt build up on your grip which prevents it from doing what it was meant to do... Grip.. If you have never cleaned your grips and you follow these instructions you will straight away notice the difference.

6) Dry Dry Dry.. It is really important that once you have removed all of the dirt from your clubs you give them a really good dry. I recommend doing this with another clean microfibre towel as they are very good at absorbing water. Once you have given the club a good dry with the towel I like to leave mine out for an hour (weather permitting) so that they get a good air dry too before going back in to the bag. making sure they are totally dry can help prevent little rust spots forming which if left can spread and turn in to bigger problems.

7) This step is totally optional and should definitely not be done every single time you clean your clubs. If i notice a mark on the heads of my irons that is not coming out with just detergent and water then i like to break out the metal polish.. Sometimes i will even do this if the irons are starting to look a bit old and jaded... Take a very small amount of the polish on to another clean microfibre towel and rub it in the the club head in small circular motions until you have covered just the affected area or if needed the whole club. Allow this to go hazy before rubbing off with another clean towel. This will leave your club looking shiny and new and should remove a number of imperfections. When completing this step make sure you do not get any polish in the grooves of the club.. It is a nightmare to get out...... Yes i speak from experience.

And thats it... Your irons should be looking fresh and clean and ready for your next round... Just your Driver & Woods to go....

Cleaning Your Driver, Woods & Hybrid Clubs

This one wont be such a long list as the majority of the steps are the same as the list above. There is one important thing to remember about cleaning these bigger clubs... DO NOT submerge them in water as you did with your irons.. The heads of these clubs are totally hollow and the last thing you want is to get water inside the head and hear it whooshing around every time you tee off.. .So with that being said here is the process of cleaning your Woods & Hybrid Clubs.

1) With your bucket of warm water dip get a microfibre towel wet but not to the point it is dripping. Use the towel to wipe over the head of your club removing as much dirt as you can. For any stubborn dirt wet your scrubbing brush and then agitate the dirt on the club until it is loose. Wipe over again with Microfibre towel to clear away the dirt you have just disturbed.

2) Dry any excess liquid from the club ASAP using a dry microfibre towel.

3) Using a damp Microfibre towel give the shaft of the club a wipe over too to remove any small bits of mud, grass or sand that my be embedded in the paint. Doing this will prevent any rust.

4) Clean the grips using the same process as the instructions above.

5) Make sure club is totally dry before it goes back in to the bag. Again leaving to air dry for a period of time is highly recommended. Especially for the grips.

6) Again this is an optional step but really does finish the club off nicely. If you have any marks in the paint on your clubs such as sky marks then i use car polish pain on them and provided it is just a scuff on the paint rather than an actual chip 9 times out of 10 the marks come right out. Apply a small amount of polish to a clean microfibre towel and work it in to the damaged area in small circular motions until you see the mark either disappear or reduce in visibility.. Once this happens use a clean part of your towel to wipe away any excess polish haze. Again be very careful not to get polish in the groves on the club.

Any thats it...

I hope you have found this post useful and were able to take something away from it to add to your cleaning routine or even start a cleaning routine if you dont have one..

Thanks for reading and remember we find the Best Golf Accessories so that you dont have too.

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