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Golf Ball Retrievers.. A Great Idea To Minimise Flag Touching In Pandemic Or For The Older Golfer??

I’m sure we have all seen the older guys at the club with one of these ball retrievers that get the ball out of the hole without them having to bend down. I am all for that if it means they can play the game that they love for longer... But actually during this global pandemic where we are advised to not to touch things that other people have been in contact with as little as possible are they something that could reduce the risk around golf clubs even more that the measures they already have in place. With some citys in the UK already back in lockdown if we all do our bit then hopefully golf clubs don’t have to close again..

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I have been trying one of these Golf Accessories for the last couple of weeks and yea... They work.. It means that you don’t have to touch the flag/hole at all during your round.. So i guess they do exactly what they are designed too do.. Now I am not unfit by any means but actually my back did not ache as much after my round.. Maybe psychological but still..

They can be a little fiddly to get on to the top of the putter, its held on with 3 little screws but it seems secure and doesn’t feel like its going to come off.. It actually saved me a wet hand on a few occasions the other day too as the course was very wet (UK what can we expect) and some of the holes were filled with water. This worked a treat in the water too.. Just dried it off with my towel and moved on. Hand stayed dry and warm..

So during these timeswhen all contact should be minimised this little Golf Accessory is a god send and for only about £5.00/$5.50 it is a bargain to buy. Save your back and reduce risk of infection even more.. Well worth the money in my eyes.

Thank you for reading.. Remember we find the Best Golf Accessories so that you don’t have too.

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